Monday, July 19, 2010

Hill Repeats= Dental work

I have a real nice neighbor who is always out walking his three dogs. Today I was doing my Hill repeats and as I explained them to him he decided they equated to going to the Dentist! No disrespect but I hate going to the Dentist, but I go to keep my teeth!!
Last time I was at the dreaded Dentist I overheard the goings on in the other room....a person had let their teeth go and now were in serious trouble! Infections, root canals, pulling (yeowww) teeth, surgery, all sorts of bad news!!
Hill repeats are hard, but man will they pay dividends when it comes race time! I have lost four pounds since I've started my no sugar life....Sandy says she can tell by my waist line, I felt a little stronger today on the HRs, too. The HRs are about 175m on a max of 5% grade, so it's a very solid work-out. I did 7 of 'em and did each one in under one minute! My heart rate hit 89% of max on one!
The heel barked on the last one but not an injury, it's still not 100% but is improving. I feel I can run and train for the 5k distance as I allow the achilles to heal and so far I've been successful.
40 minutes today...7x175m HRs. Peace!!


Marlene said...

I would take hill repeats over the dentist any day, but we have to do what we have to do!

DawnB said...

I 2nd Marlene,glad to see things getter better for you.

DawnB said...

I love you new look.

Johann said...

I'm not a dentist fan at all, but luckily I've got good, healthy teeth. Hard work always pays off! I'm not sure how I'll cope without sugar during hard training. I should try as I can do with the weight loss.


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