Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rare Bird

That would be me! Probably on the endangered species list! 55 year old guy going to the track for a hard work out on a sultry, steamy Saturday morning.
I really wasn't feeling it I launched into the 4x400's, after the mile warm-up, I realized it was going to be a struggle.
A young lady was making her way onto the track as I started my first 400...I was cordial but no time for conversation. A 1:54 first 400...the girl was doing some stretching but as I was coming around for my rest lap she started her work-out....she took off hard! No warm-up, what she was doing was a power work-out, 100m hard 100m rest/jog...she did this for probably 4-5 laps. I continued and slogged through, a 1:53, 2:03, 2:03. Then did some cool down laps. The young lady and I had another brief conversation, I commended her on her work-out, she asked me "how long do you go?" I really liked that question! What was she really saying? Often when we try to get in someones head were wrong, but I heard what she was saying. I really am encouraged by these young kids that are willing to work hard in order to achieve....she's a rare bird, too! Most people do just enough to get by but true achievement requires hard work.....she was just gaining info in order to get better... so I told her "36 minutes today, some 400 reps, not much more than you did!"
Be the rare bird! Maybe we'll get off the endangered list! Finished out a great week! Hills, miles, and speed....also, got some new Kayanos last night! Peace!


Meg said...

Great thoughts for a Saturday. I think I am a rare bird, too. Well, I like to work hard anyway. Thanks Mark, have a great rest of the weekend!

Marlene said...

Great job on the track workout! Funt o have some company.


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