Wednesday, July 7, 2010


GPS systems are cool! I was able to experience one recently in my auto as we traveled about in Little Rock. I didn't always obey the lady so she had to "reconfigure" several times. That's how I live!! I am willing to reconfigure; maybe too much sometimes:)
As to running I love to make running play. If it becomes work I'd quit! But I make it fun, plus that's how I live, too...make life fun!! So reconfiguring can be fun! ( I live a sheltered life)
So I decided to run today instead of taking off...why? Golf! I hope to get a round in before the annual tourney next week and I don't want to do both in one day. Too much on the achillies.
It was a good day on the road, 35 minutes, I begin to increase in time this week! Peace!


Jill said...

Hahaha...I like GPS's too - My Garmin :).

Johann said...

Don't have a GPS yet, but probably will have soon. Take care!

Marlene said...

I need to get a GPS for the car - I'm terrible with directions! I think I could handle some "reconfiguring." Glad you had a good run!


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