Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweat Box

Hot and just can't get any better!! Today was like running in a sauna, I loved it!! 37 minutes of running bliss today! Here's where I am this week, I have four runs with a total of 155 minutes. I have to take off tomorrow! My schedule calls for five running days per week and I must adhere to it or face possible injury (achillies). I hope the rain will pass so I can golf! Otherwise I will read, write, and pray.
I ran hills, I ran a long run, and Saturday I will go to the track. Probably looking at 400's again. The heel, tendon, feels pretty good. There has been no pain or burning during runs but I still do experience stiffness and some soreness afterwards. Must be patient...must be patient!!
I am encouraged, though. The body is healing....on another note today is day three of no sugar!! I have cut out my beloved Cokes....Hersey's chocolate, and yes Linds M&Ms. I am on a mission to lose at least 15 pounds!! People will tell me I don't have it to lose but I do!!
Tomorrow cross training with golf!! Peace!!


Johann said...

Sounds like things are working well for you. Keep it up and take care. I battle to leave out sugar.

lindsay said...

man i am pretty famous with my m&m problem! :)

hope the weather holds up today so you can get in some cross training. i don't know that i'd count it as "cross training" unless you were walking the course though ;)

glad your heel is feeling good, hope it stays that way! good luck with the sugar - i am actually trying to be diligent myself. haven't had m&m's in almost a week!

Marlene said...

Londsay and her M&M's....

Wow, good for you cutting out the sugar!

So glad you are feeling good! Enjoy the weekend!

Just_because_today said...

do you really mean that? you love the humidity? aghhhh I am dying overhere

Mark said...

Oh yes, my friend I love the sweat box!!!!:))
Shoot an 80 today!!

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