Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Speed Work

   Speed Work-it means what it says! Speed-putting the peddle to the metal-work-sweating, straining, giving it your one said it would be easy!
    So off to the track I went with a 4x400m speed work session in mind. Football camp is underway but they were not using the track or field. I did get to observe their work-out, and one of the Coaches comes to my church, I wonder what he thinks about the Pastor running around in circles? So it was fun to be there but I had work to do!
   A good warm-up, and off to the races; I felt the heat and humidity and the hills from Monday! But all in all it was a very good session for me...1:46, 1:47, 1:50, 1:52, each had a 400m recovery jog.
  I held good form and breathing the whole way and felt my recovery was better than last time out. As I think about my upcoming return to racing, Aug 14...a little 5K, I know my base is weak. I really need miles but I do not want to fall back into injury! I have hopes to run two more times this week with one of those runs to be my longest yet! We will see....I also hope to cross train on Friday.....that is GOLF! My game has been better than ever and I enjoy the escape...much needed! Hope you are having a great day! 40:01 with 4x400m. Peace!


Marlene said...

Nice repeats! Those will help with the race coming up. I know I don't need to say it, but be careful and don't push it TOO much! Rooting for you!!!

DawnB said...

very nice track work Mark, I still can't bring myself back to the track. good luck with your upcoming race.

Doug said...

Nice consistency Mark.

Johann said...

I respect you for a workout on the track. Well done!


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