Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ebb and Flow

  A real interesting reality in life is the principle of "ebb and flow". It means a decline and increase, constant fluctuations, it alludes to the inward and outward motions of the oceans tides.
  Have you ever said "when it rains it pours"? Have you ever noticed that life seems to be going along just fine then a series of circumstances develop that cause/bring you grief or angst?
   How about running along a road and it's peaceful but suddenly it becomes "grand central station!" then it goes back to quiet? You get the picture! Ebb and Flow, a reality that when understood we find we can be prepared for troubles, trials, or difficulties, and we can enjoy to the fullest the times of peace.
  Think about it and start observing how this happens in your will be surprised! Often all  I want is the easy, peaceful, no problem times.....not gonna happen! Expect the hectic! Be prepared!
  This principle is applicable to running. There is a time for increase and decrease....the body needs ebb and flow. Times of stress and times of rest. I must learn to pay attention to my body. Where am I in this principle?
  50:01 on the roads today. A slow run in the sweltering day. I am feeling the desire to increase but must be so cautious due to achilles. Hey, I only need one 27 minute run to meet my goals for this week!
  My legs are seriously tired from the two hard work-outs this week. Man I'm glad I am able to flow...a little! Peace!


Jill said...

Good analogy! I always think that the ebb and flow comes in cycles according to some greater power, like the moon or something :). Would NEVER be due to my lack of adaquate training! Ha. Get a little rest and get the legs feeling fresh again!!

Meg said...

I've also noticed that live gives us moments for rest and peace and you have to snap those up when you can. You can MAKE time for rest and peace AND you can also accept it when it's give to you. THOSE moments are precious. Hey, I'm having one right now, by the way!

Johann said...

Good post. My life certainly works that way. I’ve learned over the years to do this with my running. It’s not always easy, but the body knows best, so I listen to mine.

Tim F said...

Very good read. It is true, I've been on a short decline on running, but I think I needed it to give my body a rest.

Christina said...

I really enjoy your posts, the analogies you come up with. There is a peace and acceptance with your writing. I like all "flow" and become frustrated with the "ebs". I see how the have to go together.


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