Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progress is hard regress is easy!

 Have you ever noticed how easy it is to put on pounds, but how hard it is to take them off? How excellence, or a high level of fitness requires lots of hard work but lay-off for a while and you're back to out of shape in a heart beat!! Interesting rule I learned some years ago and it proves true, you begin to lose your fitness level after a 14 day lay-off, and man how time flies! I feel like I'm gaining fitness back with the slow and gradual increasing of time on road. I still am about six weeks away from a having a true, solid base of miles but I'm gaining! Must stay motivated and healthy! Down five pounds since the sugar lay-off. Race in two weeks, no great expectations!
  Good and hot today, 15 min out and 15 back today....Peace!


Jill said...

You ARE making progress - yay! I used to work with a personal trainer and he told me it takes 3 weeks to lose 50% of your fitness level you were at and 3 months to gain it back. AUCK!!! I'm hoping in my current hiatus from running I will be able to still do other things like cross train and wt train so I don't lose TOO much! Keep up the great work, Mark!!

Johann said...

This is so true and the older you get, the harder it is to regain fitness and get rid of weight. Just keep going, you're doing great. The results will come!


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