Friday, October 29, 2010

Just a wee bit more!!

  So I have been remaining active! I have been running less but walking much more. I do plan on increasing running miles significantly, though! Today we finally sustained a got down to 29 degrees but the day is really beautiful! I am a big time believer in hill work, especially in the beginning of a new phase. So I added just a "wee" bit of distance and one extra repeat to my workout today. The total elevation gain over the 2/10ths repeat is now 130+ feet or 13 stories! This is a steep little booger! I did 7 reps at an easy effort, I will gradually build the degree of difficulty.
  I was thinking about training as I ran up this sweet little trail, how we bust our tails in extended training programs and often fall short of our goals. I began asking questions...." a prudent question is one half of wisdom" Sir Frances Bacon, why does a marathon schedule need to be so long? Why do I feel relegated to adhere to traditional training regimes? Would a person be able to train effectively in shorter cycles?
  I likened training to how a spring works, think about it, it is pressed down and stores energy waiting to be released, if a spring is stretched it is of no value....lack of training, so there needs to be a balance of continuous pressure, ie-continuous training but not overkill, what happens to a spring that's overloaded? It cannot function properly, ie-too much training.
  So my theory is have a solid, enjoyable base of weekly miles, that which you'd run regardless of any goals etc. Then, off of that base build to a race using shorter segments, press the spring and release the spring!
  I think I will try this theory. Since I've lost the base I expect it to take me 3-4 weeks to get back where I could launch into a nine to ten week program. Throwing everything out the window! No long tapers! No distance goals that can be ruined by nearly anything! A confident pressing and a successful explosion!
  Hills are essential! They build strength and burn tremendous amounts of fat!
    So I will search for a marathon to shoot for! Peace!


Johann said...

I'm sure that will work for you. I believe in having a solid base at all times and then build from there for the key races.

kizzy said...

agree on this; ills are essential! They build strength and burn tremendous amounts of fat!

--kizzy keen

lindsay said...

i've actually wondered the same thing - a long cycle burns me out. i'm hoping to use the 'solid base' theory for my next marathon, whenever that may be...

Anne said...

An interesting analogy. I think the schedules are the length they are because some of us don't bounce back like springs from hard training, but I'll be interested in watching you test your theory.

And you're so right about hills.


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