Saturday, November 6, 2010


  Yes, I love Summer....but today is simply a spectacular day!! The colors are amazing! The bluest skies, whitest clouds, the forest ablaze with  a variety of reds, yellows, and it's good to be alive!
  So, in regards to running, I have 16 weeks until Little Rock....I mentioned it to Sandy last night....she didn't respond? Since she's always supported my running I will take that as a yes you can, honey!
  Today I did what I will call a PR run...not personal record but Pace Run....I will warm up and cool down with one mile and run at MP in between. Today I started with one mile so I did three miles in 28:38, with my pace mile at an 8:36. That is a little too fast but it felt good! I plan on extending the distance by one mile per week thus making it my long run, too.
  So I have HR's-hill runs, which I will do every week and increase to as much as I can take!
                  PR runs- MP with distance-
                  SR- Speed runs- I will go to the track and work up to 1600 repeats at prob 8min/per
                  RR-recovery runs- this will be a treadmill run done specifically to burn fat.
So, three hard runs and one easy run per week with the other days designed to rest! Whaddya think?
  I figure why not give it the 16 weeks? Well, me and my Sweetie are going to a concert tonight! Finishing my vacation with a trip on of luck and Godspeed to all the racers this weekend...I wish I was racing but maybe in 16 weeks!:) Peace!


Johann said...

Enjoy the training! In 16 weeks for sure!

Marlene said...

Sounds good to me!

Anne said...

I hope that schedule works well for you come March 6. Your vacation sounds just like, well, a vacation. You sound more upbeat.


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