Friday, November 5, 2010

All Talk?

  "Unless someone acts nothing happens"  a great quote and truth, too. I acted today! 4 x .25 hills. I have extended the length of the hill nearly to the flattens out some but there is still room for expanding at the bottom. I hope to eventually run the entire hill. Garmin said it's a 215 foot elevation gain. Man I was feeling it!!! My quads and lungs were burning!! My miles are low but I plan on "acting more" beginning next week with a plan of four running days. I am excited about the training plan I have put together and believe it will serve to help me run a respectable marathon.......I am using what I call the "spring theory" and it consists of at least three hard efforts per week, with one to two additional runs. I must get back to the base this month for me to be ready for Little Rock....I haven't told Sandy about my plan to run that marathon....hope she's receptive??!!Peace!


Marlene said...

I'm sure your lvoely wife will support you no matter what! Best of luck getting that mileage up!

Have a great weekend, friend!

lindsay said...

i also think she will be fine with it :) great hill work! i always manage to talk myself out of those... whoops.


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