Friday, November 12, 2010


So today, even though the weather is wonderful I stuck with my program and did an easy treadmill run. I say easy...seemed like a killer? Managed 45 minutes and 4.3 miles. These runs are for fat burning and conditioning. I may be ramping up too fast....I've a bunch of motivation right now? Did some good stretching and strengthening exercises afterwards. Feeling good!
  My Sweetheart is going to a Ladies Conference tonight and tomorrow so I've a bunch of time solo....I am really debating about racing tomorrow? It would serve as a good speed work session? I have put in a good week and had some hard workouts already? Can't decide? I am planning on a track workout.....maybe I will race? Just 5K?! Oh, decisions! Hope you are well! Peace!


Marlene said...

Great job on the run! A Roborun is never easy for me. They feel so much longer/harder for some reason.

Good luck at he 5K if you decide to go for it!

lindsay said...

hmm did you race? the burning question :)

i am impressed that you maintained self-control and ran on the 'mill instead of trying to claim that you'd keep it slow, easy and short outside in the beautiful weather!


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