Monday, May 30, 2011

Appreciation... as I was out running a guy hollered at me.."Happy Memorial day!"  I thought it was nice he wanted me to be happy...and happy I was as I enjoyed our Summer-like temps! I really got happy when I passed by a large group of people celebrating the holiday in their yard.....a kid yelled at me and all he said was "it's a Runner!" I felt really good about his comment because kids tell it like they see it and he saw me as a Runner! My pace was only in the 9's so really nothing to write home about.
   I truly do appreciate our Veterans and those who gave their lives for our freedom. You are not forgotten!!
 I also have a renewed appreciation for life! After my time in Joplin ( I am prob going back Wednesday) I realize that everything can be blow to smithereens-SMITHEREENS : fragments, bits (the house was blown to smithereens by the explosion). So true! The houses were blown to smithereens! People had written signs that said "God saved us" "Looters will be shot" "Put down the camera and pick up m a shovel"
  What's amazing is that people survived through this F5 Vortex tornado! Yet all did not survive. I spoke with a man that told me of his experience the night of the twister, he said he hasn't been able to sleep because every time he closes his eyes he sees the carnage.
  So I appreciate this day! I am glad I could run, even when that car load of punks heckled me....I just smile, love, and go on! 80 minutes of running today!!! Peace!


Marlene said...

Being there, at the scene of the damage, would be life changing. I won't try to imagine what these people are going through. Glad there are souls like you who will put their lives aside to help.

Happy Memorial Day!

Meg said...

You're so right, gratitude for life itself is the lesson. It must be tough to be in the midst of the destruction though.
Keep running with that smile and the grateful heart!


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