Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flux is an odd word!

My training always seem to be in flux!! In constant change and movement! This week I will take tomorrow off and do my long run Thursday. I am planning on ALL DAY GOLF TOMORROW!!!!!
  Today I did a (sort of) fast continuous rolling hills, then 9Xshort hill to finish with another 60 minute effort.
The "sort of" is my pace wasn't what I wanted....the temps are draining me it seems? Well I watered the trees, and now I'm gonna stay cool and spend time with my sweetheart Sandy! Peace!


Marlene said...

Temps are draining me too. These days you have to go by effort, not pace, and just do the best you can. Nicely done!

Enjoy the golf day!

jel said...

you be careful out there!

it's post to be near the 100 mark the next 3 days. :(


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