Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's get serious!!!

  The fear of commitment!! Remember when you wanted to tell that special person you loved them but wanted them to say the three lovely words first? Fear and uncertainty, plus putting yourself out there!!! I am ready to get serious about this extra 13 lbs I have been unable to unload!
  Most people I talk to say..."where you gonna lose it?" I already look slim and trim, yet we runners know! We know the extra little ring around the waist! The best marathon I ever ran I ran at 172 lbs. I am at 185 right now. I am 6'1" so I am a bigger runner.
  I have been busting tail and not seeing any loss! So it's time to get serious about what goes in the mouth! I'm ready to make the commitment! Today so far; a bowl of cereal, 2 tbsp Chia seed soaked in water, one apple and 3 fig newtons. I have never been so well hydrated in my life since beginning the chia seeds btw. I will have to eat out tonight.....a meeting late today...I will seek some sort of salad....(to the tune of green acres) Good bye buffets! Hello I will graze.....corny!!
  I did a total time of 44 minutes today, with 15X Short Hill. A real good effort. You know, like blood pressure is the silent killer, hills are the silent power! You will run stronger, more efficient, and faster with adding hills to your training I promise!! I decreased my time and increased my intensity today yet I am still at 16.44 for the week. Hope all is well with you!! Peace!


Jill said...

I have no doubt you can do it, Mark!! You have a very strong will. I know I race better when my weight is lower than what most people would consider "normal" - but that's how runner's run! I have a long way to go, too...being off for what seems like a decade has me in a position to do a LOT of work. And that's ok sometimes!

Christina said...

I too want to lose some weight but it's not something you can talk about because people already think I'm skinny. They think I can eat as much as I want since I run it off. That's not the case but they won't understand. I haven't decided to get serious yet about it but need to.


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