Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nice and easy

  After yesterdays wonderful encounter I thought I'd go down 2K hill on a nice and easy run....my goal being 50 minutes today. I made it about 1K down the hill then it was time to turn around. I am focusing on form and ease, gliding if you will. I want to run high miles and I want to stay as injury free as possible. I am dealing with common aches and pains but nothing debilitating. I am currently rotating 3 pairs of Kayanos, a 15, 16, and 17! The 15's are kind of like racing flats now as they are very worn, I use them on hills and intervals. I usually will run the rubber way down before I retire them!! I think it keeps the feet strong if you rotate shoes, from real comfort to minimal comfort...plus in these temps it gives them a chance to dry! So I am up to 12 miles already this week! Hoping for 50 minutes of hills tomorrow! Peace!

1 comment:

Marlene said...

I have heard it's a good idea to rotate shoes, using different muscles. Nice run today!


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