Friday, July 8, 2011

Positive Influence!

    A leadership truth is "you will have influence!" Regardless of who you are you will influence others by your actions, body language, and words. I always seek to be a positive influence. We have way too much negative in our daily lives! A study done some time ago yielded a startling stat, children, by the time they reach 5, have heard the negative, no, don't, etc, over 155,000 times!! The positive? Not even recorded!
  If the kid brings home a B you say work harder! Instead say, great!!! Awesome!! Well done...
  I always hope that my running will have a positive influence, too. I am such a believer in taking care of your body! Last night we had to eat choice! Busy!! I noticed that the vast majority of the people were terribly obese! What a shame! I had on a running shirt, looking good in my summer attire, tanned and slim, thinking, "if these folks only knew the wonder of running!"
  My youngest boy is home now after graduating....he's chunked out pretty good but carries it well....he bought a bike and has been hitting the roads, he's been taking up better eating habits...he's thinking about quality of life! Hope I influenced him a little!
   I felt much better today and got my 50 minutes in, I am up to 23.75 miles for the week with one more run to go. It's going to be a solid week. I can't wait to race....peace!!

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