Saturday, July 9, 2011


    Toughness is an attribute that long distance runners have. When the desire to quit crawls up and whispers in your ear you need toughness, when the cramps that would debilitate the Terminator roll through your calves you need toughness, toughness: the inner strength to push on...the fortitude to be willing to hurt....most people quit at the first sign of pain....toughness!
  Today I was thinking it was gonna be a bad run....I started off hurting every where! Slow, no energy, it didn't help that I worked on the yard for 2 hours! The heat is back and I needed a solid 50 minutes to round out my week. Around 1.5 miles I worsened and considered turning back....quitting! But I 25 minutes out I was still dragging but it was turn around time and also time to do my 8X1minute @ HM pace intervals. I thought why not see what will I launched into the workout. Turns out I began to feel good! I did the 8 intervals at HM pace and completed the run feeling better than when I started! Amazing!
  I put in 28.01 miles this week. More than in many a moon for a week! I look so forward to next will be quite busy! I may be in trouble on Fridays run due to a golf tournament I am in, but a person needs golf, right?! Peace!!

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