Monday, July 11, 2011

It's On!!

Summer has turned up the heat, baby!! It is on!! Set a record yesterday with a is supposed to be with all due respect I took initiative and got out early!! I completed 1:25.21 of running on W north....the road called Scenic View is on this is the highest point in Christian in other words it's a big hill!!! That's the story of my life out here in the country....but I love it!!! Getting out early I encountered more traffic than usual so I spent time in the ditch prob...praying no snakes, too!
  I took time to give some of my trees a drink of water today after I got are they looking good! I really owe you guys a picture or two because you've been following my tree exploits since I moved out here. Let me tell ya...they are doing great!! Hope you are enjoying Summer half as much as me!!! Peace!

1 comment:

Marlene said...

I would love to see your trees!

Nice job on the run - glad you were able to get out early. It's essential in that kind of heat!


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