Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's all about ______

Today will be another scorcher! I managed another early run, yet my pace is still turtle-like! I really really need to shed this extra weight, and it is so frustrating to have been watching my intake so closely and not see any loss!!?? I look thin yet I know that this poundage is hurting me....I will continue the calorie counting...
  I wonder what word you'd use to fill in the blank on this post title....It's really interesting to see how this blank changes as a person goes through life. I deal with people struggling with issues, financial, marital, spiritual, etc, and the answer to their problem and the solution can often be found when filling in the blank.
  So, I have decided to add a day off to the running schedule. I have built a solid base and now can impart a structured training plan. I will take Friday off this week due to the golf tourney!! Otherwise it looks like Thursday will be my off day along with Sunday. 55 minutes today! Peace! (fill in the blank)


Claudia said...

I am in the very same place right now - loving to run and enjoying it tremndously, but knowing that my pace could be so much better.
But then again there are things that could happen anytime that would keep me from running, so I should be happy.
But I know I would be even happier if I could add one sub 4 hour marathon to my list of adventures.

Marlene said...

I am struggling with the extra lbs right now too. I sure can feel it!

Kassie said...


I'm with you on the calorie counting! Ugh, so annoying! I have abou 6 lbs to lose.
Have a great day!


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