Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Melting!!

  So my goal today was to run 105 minutes, and to run the last 2 miles faster....didn't work! I got out late and the heat, sun, and humidity took a toll and I melted away...however I did run the whole way and feel fine, I just wasn't able to push the pace into marathon pace zone. So it was a good fat burner and I've kicked off the week with a solid training run. I really, really need to get this run into a higher mileage zone. I am continuing the building....tomorrow 70 minutes, Wednesday 70 minutes of hills, Thursday off Friday 70 minutes conversational, Saturday 7X2 min @ HM pace or faster...sounds good, huh? I should get into the 30+ mile range for the week, too. I am really excited about how my body is responding, too. I pulled out a pair of jeans the other night and put them on, the seemed a tad tight? Not bad but snug....hmmmm...turned out they were some old 33 inchers! Oh yeah!! The waist line is shrinking!! Peace!


jel said...

take care out there!

it's post to be about a 104 or higher wedsday, and thurday! :(

Marlene said...

Congratulations Mark - you are doing great building the mileage and shrinking the waist! Keep sweating & smiling!


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