Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heat ain't so bad!

We are experiencing record setting heat....slight drought and crunchy ground! I didn't get out the door 'till 10 am today and it was already scorching. Sandy has been real sick so I needed to tend to her and some things around the house first. Finally all set to get my Saturday speed work in....I started strong! I have been feeling real good of late (knock on wood) and today I experienced the surge of strength again. I restrained until speed work and did 6X 2minutes @ HM pace (8:21's-9:10's) quite variable due to hills/heat. I walked for one minute in between each segment. Finished with another 65 minute run. I logged 29.53 total miles this week with 5:55.12 on the roads. July was the best month for me in probably 20 months! 117.7 total miles. I plan on continuing to build in distance and begin tweaking the training runs a bit. I may even work towards taking off three days a week instead of two, but we will see. Right now I need to get that long run established! Peace!

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