Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mind over the matter?

   Yesterday I was so fatigued I napped instead of ran!! I was simply wiped out! I really hated to lose a day of training, being obsessive and all, but common sense won out. So today would be the long run...and finally I am starting to get close to logging a true long run (16 miles or more). I put in 12 miles of hard hills today and I was really pleased with the strength and pace. I finished out with 2 miles at nearly MP...so a good run! I was thinking at around the 7 mile mark, as my shoes squished and sloshed because of excellent sweating skills, do other runners hurt while running? I don't mean pain hurt, I mean hurt, hurt...you know what I'm saying? The quads are turning into cement, your feet are done...yet you push yourself through....this is important training! I wonder how strong I will be when I am able to take it to the flats! I hope the achilles stays well..you see, I am surrounded by hills!! I began to gauge the distance of some of these hills, 2 tenths, three tenths, yes the downs are nice and I push the tempo and turnover on each one.
  Well, sure hope your training is going well! Peace!


Marlene said...

Oh definitely, I feel that kind of pain! Working through the tough ones makes us stronger!

Johann said...

You are still logging some great training and it will pay off for sure. I've had that "just need to sleep" moments as well. Not often but when they do come round I make sure I rest.


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