Saturday, August 20, 2011


  When my eldest son was a little boy his favorite T.V. show was the "Power Rangers!" Oh how he loved that show!! I personally thought it was cheesy but then what do I know I love to run!
  I vaguely recall that they would "morph" from their everyday "run of the mill" life into a "Power Ranger!"
   There's a chance I may be morphing! Today during the course of my 9 X 2min @ HM pace I found myself running faster and recovering quicker! No...the heat is still wasn't on drugs....I think the training is starting to pay off! I finished the week with 6:54.56 in time on the roads! 36.3 miles, and now three weeks in a row over 30 miles for a week. The HM pace has morphed to 10K pace, btw....
  Well I have already been strategizing next week...Mon. go long-12 miles, Tues. EZ 85 min, Wed. 85 min rolling Thurs, Fri, and Sat...on vacation!! Going to see my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson in Louisiana! Then Sunday I could knock off some speedwork!! Well hope you are doing good! now time to morph!!!!Peace!!


jel said...

when they very first came out I like them. :)
but have the second season it went down hill fast.

hope ya have a very cool time with your family, safe trip!

Marlene said...

Great to see it paying off! Keep the transformation going!


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