Friday, August 12, 2011

On the Border

I am pushing the limits of my body lately. I have been listening yet pushing...stretching and pressing beyond the easy into the a slight tiredness has been my companion. I have been pressed and stretched professionally lately, which I love, and it crosses the border into my training. I finally was able to get out and launch into my EZ 75 minute run....I began to feel pretty fair and it turned out to be a decent run.
  There was a point where the heat and humidity began to erode my motivation but then I thought "I am a long distance Runner!"  "I press on!!!" I noticed a surge of strength and I finished strong!
  I will hope to run another 75 minutes tomorrow with my repeats mixed in....that will give me around 33 miles this week!! Not too shabby! Hope you have a great weekend!!! Peace!

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