Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lips match life

   You all hear me preaching the importance of listening to your body but do I do it? I have run myself into the ground more than once in my life!!! This week I ran 115 minutes on Monday, 75 minutes on Tuesday, and yesterday I was beat! Normally it would of been hill reps.....but I napped instead!!! I listened! Today, still a little tired I eased into a run with the intention of a short warm up then hill reps....yet I began to think.....where am I in training mode now? I need to begin a transition into focusing on the long run and pace runs so I headed off down Center road....towards the dreaded 2K hill!!!! I would incorporate a rolling hill run with pace....and run up 2K hill to boot. I only went down 2/3rds the way this time and proudly knocked off a 9 minute mile on the way home! A 46:45 minute run putting me at 20.65 miles for the week. I have two runs left. 75 minutes EZ tomorrow, and 75 minutes with 2minutes X 8reps @ HM pace on Saturday. A big week of Bluegrass coming up. I am blessed to be able to play music with some fine friends and neighbors. We will be traveling to a real cool place this Saturday called "The Star Theatre" in Willow Springs, Mo. A really cool venue! Hope you are well my friend!! Peace!


Marlene said...

Sometimes it takes us a while, but we eventually learn the importance of listening to our bodies! I still have a hard time backing out of or easing up in a run... but the risks are greater than the rewards sometimes!

Sounds like a fun week ahead - enjoy!!!

Johann said...

I must admit I'm quite a good listener. Your running is going well. Have a super weekend!


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