Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekly repeats

  Week in and week out we runners train! Yes I run for just the sake of running but I remember when my running took a turn from just fun to something! Now racing is fun!!
  So we train to have fun in our races.....what could be more fun than having gutted out a 10K and in the last 100 meters hold off a late charge from a rabbit? Nothing!! (Well almost nothing if you know what I mean).
   So we train...I did 10 X 175m hill repeats today @ 10K effort. Total time with warm-up cool-down 52 minutes. Feeling good, a little tired, but good. Going out with friends tonight. Hope you are well! Peace!


Jill said...

Yay for hill repeats (I did them today too). They wil make us stronger and ready to race faster :).

Johann said...

Great job with the repeats! I have lots of respect for anyone that does repeats of any kind. Have a super weekend!


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