Friday, August 5, 2011

Possible Reprieve

   This morning we received 6/10th inch of rain...cooled us off...I got out asap, considering the wait on lightning, I still made it out as the clouds covered us from the relentless Sun.
  I was running strong and confident and wanted to go ahead and hold the pace. It felt easy and I was not suffering from the heat at all.....until....the sun popped out! Suddenly I began to feel the heat, steam, and it began to toast me.
  I held on the same effort but the pace slowed. This week has been one of my best when it comes to pace speed. So 70 minutes of running today. I plan on 70 more tomorrow with a 7 X 2 minute @ HM speed session worked in, I have been developing a vision of myself; I see me running long distances again. I picked up the latest edition of "Runners world" today. I used to take the mag many years ago, thought I'd read some about running! Hope you are well, appreciate you! Peace!!

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Marlene said...

What a difference when the sun comes out, eh?? Nice work, buddy! Have a great weekend!!


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