Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Will

Fact is most people have a lazy streak. Being industrious takes a great deal of effort and drive. Perhaps that's the element that compels people like An inner power that compels us to reach our goal....seems those goals can be so fleeting, even sometimes unfulfilling.
  Yet I am driven. Even today with the soaring heat and humidity, the sweltering sauna of Summer covering the land, I dove into the run with roadwork the goal. I am up to a 7 X 2min @ HM pace session as I increase this gradually. I actually go faster than HM pace at times but it all balances out due to the rolling nature of my roads! A good warm-up then into the session. Working on form and rythum, after four I had to dig real deep! The heat makes you work so much harder! I was sucking air like I was racing a 5K! Anyway, finished #7 and felt pretty good about the effort. I will go to 8 next week and then make an increase to probably 5 X 3min and increase....well we are off to a friends house for a party! They have a swimming pool!!! I can't wait! I love to swim and I don't get the chance very often. Peace!!

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Jill said...

Oooo, a swim in this heat sounds awesome!! I just dropped off my son at the lake with his kayak and I almost jumped in myself!! Keep up the great work, Mark!!


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