Monday, August 8, 2011

Extreme Run

     Today is long run day....we have some milder weather so the heat and sun impact is lessened. This made a huge difference in my pace today, btw.
   Why title extreme run? No matter the direction I run I have some seriously steep hills to traverse. So as I went out 57.5 minutes I had to run some real whoppers, especially the "Scenic View" hill. Not that I am in any way complaining it just makes the long run a harder effort. I was talking to myself after I made the turn back saying, man this is hard! Funny, though, I really was able to crank it up the last three miles and did a negative split so I had to add on at the end to get my 115 minute run in today. It truly is amazing the difference hot weather running makes....I felt like Superman today in the 70 degree temps!! Hope you are well....on another note, I've been trying to post a comment on "Meg Runs" blog but it won't let me sign on? Somebody tell Meg hi for me!! Peace!


lindsay said...

I would guess that's a Blogger issue/bug. Hopefully it's fixed now and you can comment on Meg's blog like

Its funny how 75 degrees and 80% humidity now feels "cool" in the morning.

Marlene said...

I have been having issue after issue with blogger and commenting lately.

I hope it's resolved.

Great job on the tough run!


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