Saturday, September 3, 2011

Still a 100

So this could be our last scorcher of a day for a while. I managed a 6 miler putting me over 30 for the week. I have been logging consistent D for 4 months now. Slowly losing the poundage...slowly building the endurance, slowly transforming into the long distance runner I am in heart. The Achilles is doing barks when I run the hard hill runs, yet not bad enough to make me cry....(?) meaning whine.
  I am thinking about the next long run. I need a 14 miler next week and I'd prefer not to have to run hills but it isn't possible. I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. One thing I noticed the other legs. They are really muscular! Guess it's all these stinkin' hills! The shins are huge! The quads bigger than ever....I wonder if I can stay healthy what I might do on a flat marathon?
  Well, hope you are well! Peace!


Marlene said...

Those hills are making you so strong! You will be unstoppable on a flat course if you can fin one!!

lindsay said...

i hope TS Lee brings you some cooler weather and a little rain (but no bad winds or storm damage)

Jill said...

If them hills are giving you great legs, then don't ever give them up!! :)

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