Monday, February 27, 2012

Reco run and Observations

  So I did manage a 35 minute treadmill recovery run today...very slow speed..only 3.1 miles. Here are some observations from the race:
  1) Treadmill running will serve to train  your body to race, however; you will experience abnormal soreness in  you calves the day after a 25K. (The 'mill ain't the roads!)
  2)  I ran my race Saturday! I kept it a low priority race and achieved my goal of managing to average MP miles the whole way. 9:06's!!!! Yes!
  3) I raced well because I had absolutely nothing left when I crossed the finish line!
  4) I realized two things in regards to my training program:
      A) Long runs...long runs...long runs!!! So I look ahead to my 18  miler next week! And I will continue to increase this run to as far as possible before the goal race.
      B) Tempo runs!! Man I could tell during the race that the tempo runs are having a very positive effect! I will continue to run them...
 5) Balance! I love running, and I love to set and achieve goals yet I am thankful I've learned to keep it in perspective....I was around some folks Saturday that are "eat up" with it.....there's more to life people!!
So this week is a planned recovery week....I will stay within myself and allow my body to recover....I have a HM planned March 31st. This race will be an all out effort. Peace!


Marlene said...

I think the tempo runs make a huge difference come race day... you teach your mind and body that you can keep running strong even when it gets really tough.

You must be pretty sore after 25K on roads. But also proud!

Jill said...

YAY, nice job on the 25K, that is fantastic!!!

Tempo runs are the hardest for me, always been my nemesis. I'm trying to do a lot more smaller races this year so I am forced to tempo! :)

Johann said...

Well done Mark! You are in good shape but for longer races I suppose you'll need more time on the road. I'm so slow I don't ever do tempo runs or any other form of fast running (speedwork).


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