Thursday, February 23, 2012

A short 40 minutes!

  Funny how your body can get conditioned? No it's really pretty amazing! Today I did a short work-out with about 2.2 miles at MP. 40 minutes total, 4.19 treadmiles. Amazing how I felt I could hold the pace forever! I wonder how my plans will play out Saturday?
  I have been reluctant to talk about my plans because I tend to chicken out at the last takes an act of congress to get me to race! Truly it's not being afraid it's just I don't want to get up early on my only sleep in day of the week!
  But actually I have a certain amount of trepidation due to the fact that all my running has been treadmill and I'm going to race a 25K!
  Funny though....I really believe I will race well. I think I will have to deal with some pain in my feet, ankles, and butt but who doesn't deal with some kind of pain during a race?
  I am looking at this race as a "tune-up" race. I want to do a sort of progression run, too. My objective is of course to finish...however I think I ought to try to run as close to MP overall. So I will run this with a race mentality. My goals are uncertain because of a lack of history.  If I can break 2:30 I will be very happy.
  The race is called "Run with the Wind". I think last year there were less than 100 participants so it is a small race yet it appears to be very well organized. We are supposed to run a point to point course with the wind behind us....that would be nice:)
  Well wish me luck...I will take tomorrow off and enjoy this mini-taper! Peace!

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Jill said...

LUCK!!! You're going to do awesome, I cannot wait to hear all the details!! Go, Mark, gooooo!

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