Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Believe!!!

  My friends...I am a Believer!!! Today with such incredible weather I simply had to go outdoors and you know I have been training exclusively on the treadmill since mid October. I have done this because of my stinkin' achilles tendinitis that I couldn't shake. I had the idea if I lose pounds I will relieve stress on the area and not be as I am down 15 pounds and probably 500 treadmiles later I hit the road for only the second time since mid-Oct. It was incredible! I simply could not go slow! It's hard to explain but all the machine training has made me a machine!
  My form was smooth, breathing relaxed, no real noticeable physical adjustments...I just flat out ran faster than I used to! I kept it short-4.82 miles and my overall pace was a 9:04 average, the first mile was a 9:54, with a third mile at 8:35. Remember I have hills out here but I even chugged right up those suckers!
  I am a big time believer in treadmill training after today! My practicing on form, stride, breathing, various pacing, all this has proven to have worked by my performance today.
  So on a short run like this, in my opinion, the treadmill makes you better. It forces the pace and trains your body and mind to hold on...on the roads it is easy to let up...I have found that I have even developed some mental toughness as I pushed mile three and charged every hill. Pretty pumped today! Peace!


Giorgio said...

Good point about the development of some mental toughness. Have nice runs!

Johann said...

Awesome! You deserve this after all the hard work you put in over the last few months. Mmm...I've never run on a treadmill.

rob horton said...

Good to read about your encouraging run!!!

Marlene said...

Clearly what you are doing is paying off! Congrats on a great run!


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