Monday, April 30, 2012


Yes, the marathon humbled me....I almost posted my PW but not quite, a 4:30.17. So #6 was not meant to be the PR. Needless to say I was very disappointed and felt defeated. If not for some encouraging words after the race I would probably still be downhearted...thanks Rob for taking my pic and being an encourager.
  I had my mind made up going into the race to do or die....and die I did...It was a tough day. I would really like to blame something yet there is nothing to blame. Oh sure it was a tad humid, my shoes were sloshing by mile 14...don't you hate that!
  I never could get into the flow! Even at the start I had to push to get a 9:10! By mile 13 my quads were toast and by mile 15 I had hit the wall. I felt heavy, slow, and defeated.
  Yet I trudged on believing in posting a good time....but then the deal breaker came! Out of nowhere a charlie horse (cramp) hit me in lower left calf that felt like I'd been shot!
  I stopped! Kneaded it out best I could....tried to resume running....I must've been a site! However, even with thoughts of a DNF floating in my head I pressed on.
  I actually passed some folks and I was passed by four people from here on in....many were walking, slowly! I guess the distance got them, too.
  I had to resort to a walk run program at about mile 24. So at the turn I had a 1:59.10, and a 2:31.07 second half. Wow! Talk about experiencing suffering!
  I finished with my head down and lots of confusion. How come I could never find the flow? I struggled the whole way? How come my HM and the 25K were so much easier? What happened? As I look back I do know I hadn't slept well for several days. I think I over ate....I may not have tapered properly.
  I know I trained hard...did the long runs, and had the two good races. I am very disappointed, yet perhaps I am too old for can hear the negativity I am dealing with!
  So my plan? To break four hours in the Marathon!!!! I am planning on transitioning to the roads full time. I am also going to work on my running form. I noticed two of the best runners and how their form was very similar to one another. Short choppy-like stride that was held the whole way!
   I will take it easy for a while....I am going to pick a race to participate in within the next two months, and I will develop another program. I really think the cramp was due to not training on the roads enough.
  BTW, a friend of mine, who beat me in the HM a while back, was in the marathon, we both had a goal of breaking 4hrs. I thought he would do it but he finished around a 5:22. It was a tough day! Peace!


Marlene said...

Sorry that you had such a rough day out there, my friend! I have been there. It is demoralizing to put in all that training, go in with confidence and have it turn out that way. Sometimes there is no good explanation. Just an "off" day.

Maybe the humidity took more of a toll that you thought? Did you have enough electrolytes? That can also cause those cramps.

Either way, recover well and good luck getting back at it - make sure you give yourself enough of a break to recover.

Jamie said...

The marathon is a fickle beat. You will get that sub-4 yet. Sorry it wasn't your day but you'll be back :). Rest up for now.

Love to Run said...


Marathons have a funny way of of letting you know they are tough. You can feel liek you trained just right, but then the beast of the marathon comes up and devours you.

Keep you head up. It is not always this way and I know that you know this. Sometimes you just don't feel right and it sure sounds like you didn't at the start. Hey, it happens to all of us at some point in time. I know the feeling all too well.

But then there are days that you will feel perfect from the start and run smart the entire way and a sub 4 is there for the taking. They are there. Have faith my friend!

Find yourself a nice fall marathon in the cooler north on a mostly flatter course and go for it again. Take a few dyas off, rest up, and get right back on those roads. You can do it! I know and I know you know it!

Terri said...

So sorry to hear Mark the race did not go the way you had hoped. It sounds like a real test of the heart but you persevered and I'm sure learned a lot. Don't get too down on have put in a lot of training and effort that will be fruitful if not this race then another my friend. Rest up and then press on!

lindsay said...

Sorry the race didn't pan out as you wanted/trained for! At least you finished in good condition - no injuries, no illness. A marathon is still something few people do! You will run a sub-4, no doubt about it. In the meantime, congrats on #6!

Jill said...

I am so so so behind, sorry.

I'm so sorry you had a tough day. Some days there are no answers as to why, it just is. You trained hard and the day should have been yours. But for some dumb reason it wasn't....but what I find more admirable is that you never gave up. It would have been so much easier if you had but you didn't and that tells a lot about your character. You keep being strong and that sub-4 is yours soon!!

Rest up and recover and then when time tells you it's ready, then you build right back up. I know you can do it!


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