Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some better....

So I have been draggin' tail the last few days. It's either residual fatigue from the race or allergies or both but I have really been tired! Today I feel some better. I am not nearly as sleepy and  I feel a little more energetic. I am concerned that I'm losing fitness what with these baby runs lately! So I decided to stay on the treadmill today and see how I felt. I felt fairly good so I thought I could salvage the week a little by doing some MP miles. I did 45 minutes at 6.7mph with a good warm and cool segment. 70 minutes 7.5 miles.
  I felt real good compared to the last couple of days and do hope I can salvage the week and get one more long run in before marathon! Down to 23 days to marathon! I am planning on a 2 week taper so it's getting down to the wire! I am still regaling in the 1:52 half.....according to the McMillan calculator I should be able to break 4 hrs. I know I desperately need to get the long run done! Peace!

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