Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Had Hills

 I arrived home Sunday only to smell smoke as I stepped out of the car.....my rear drivers side wheel well was smoking! Fire!!! Fortunately it never erupted into flames but of course car trouble is a fact of life! Taking it in today, I am blessed with a friend who is an excellent mechanic.
  So, I didn't drive it yesterday and decided to run to work! 7.57 miles of hard hills! I mean there are some dandies along this course. I was pleasantly surprised with my pace having only two miles slower than 10's and most the rest in the low nines.
  I had to deal with the mindless inattentive drivers, though. Seems it's worse than it used to be? Perhaps it's related to the obsessive attachment to the cell phone we see in our world today? Regardless, I was pushed off the road several times.
  I am thankful I am able to run and enjoy the outdoors. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

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