Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Oak turnaround

  14.1 miles today! It was tough....extremely hard! The temps were rising fast and the trail seemed harder to run today. I guess I've never seen a drought this bad. Do you know what happens to grass when it doesn't get water? It turns into dust! Man it's bad!
  The Bull creek is nearly dried up! Animals are hurting.... I came upon a rabbit that wouldn't run from seemed too tired? I chatted with him for a minute then he finally took bait! Sad.
  I was feeling the heat but had my mind made up to go farther so when I hit H hwy I ran to 7 miles on the garmin. A big Oak marked the turnaround. Fortunately there was a water spicket at the campground called Cobb Ridge were I gassed up and trucked home. I had to walk quite a bit but a great workout! Peace! (Pray for rain)

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Johann said...

Sounds like a really hard run. Well done for getting through it. Our winter is our dry season and although it is extremely dry this year it is still better than drought and heat together. Hope you get rain soon!


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