Monday, July 30, 2012

Wilderness run

 Man I am excited! I am exploring the trails in our National Forest and it really is fun, I have to run at least 11 miles to run them but it is well worth the distance.! I managed 11.6 miles today....the achilles is barking today! Those hills and trails are ROUGH!
  I would of gone further but had to be in the big city by 11:30. A Mega-church, where I used to go many years ago, I am still friend!, asked me if I would come up and bring my Banjo. A Pastor from Cuba was in town and his one request was to hear a banjo! Well we had use a good old fashioned jam session. I was really blessed! I hope to maybe to Partner with these folks in blessing this young Pastors ministry. What a day! Oh, btw, the lunch was great! Perfect food for a recovering runner....chicken and dumplin's! Peace!


Jill said...

Wow - how fun! I can read the excitement in your words, I can tell you're having a blast! :) I didn't know you played the banjo, that is so very cool!! Enjoy :)

lindsay said...

11+ in the woods! tough on trails. you must really be liking the trails to run for 11+ miles :)

i hope you represented banjo's well for the cuban pastor!


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