Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hard trails

I live 4 miles from the National Forest. They have an area of motorcycle trails in the Chadwick area. I have been exploring these trails. They are very rough and rocky. Man will they beat up your legs....but boy is it fun! I find that during the week days there is very rarely anyone I explored trail turned into 128....then 113...I found some really cool spots where I could sit quietly and enjoy the solitude.
  The drought is taking quite a toll as trees are dying in the forest. It is very disheartening...yet there is hope! We received 3/10" of rain last night! Well on the way back as I crossed Bull Creek I thought "what the hay" I took a swim! Oh it felt so good! Then I sloshed the rest the way home!:) Peace- 10.8 miles...

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