Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Camp Ridge trail run

  So I've become a trail runner....I think I need better shoes! After a while on the trails my feet really start hurting, the Kayano 16's are obviously not made for trails. I need some suggestions for a good trail shoe.
   Today I saw a copperhead on the trail and I realized how difficult they are to spot! I was fortunate to see him! Upon this discovery I decided to stay on the more traveled trails! After getting 3.5 inches of rain...yes 3.5 inches!!!! The varmints are coming out!
  I pushed all the way to a place called "Camp Ridge". A very nice and clean National Forest day use area. They had instructions on a visitor board about being aware of Bears! Cool!
  I had my fuel belt on with a 20+Oz bottle and a hand held, phone....I hope to post some pics soon, and one gel....8.15 miles out, took a brief rest by sitting on a picnic table....headed back...very slow going. I must say trail running beats the legs up and wears the body out much quicker than asphalt!
  Finished with 16.2 miles! Hope you are well! Peace!

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Evan Zimmerman said...

Check out the New Balance Minimus. Designed with trail running in mind I believe.


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