Friday, November 8, 2013


  Non-runners are often amazed by the fact that we would run the miles we seems so futile and hard to them, thus their amazement is not positive but skeptical. However, occasionally you'll find one who admires your life style.
  It is encouraging when someone compliments your efforts and results! Anyway...yesterday I was toast! I had to rest. Usually I get in a 75 minute run but I simply rested! Sandy and I cooked a wonderful dinner and I pigged out on Italian meatballs!!!
   Today I felt somewhat better. The weather is perfect! 60 degrees. south wind, clear skies. I took off into hill land and ran 80 minutes of hard rolling hills, covered 8.2 miles. I'm feeling so fit! The only physical problem is my left piriformis and that's not a deal breaker. 2 weeks from tomorrow and I race! It's been 19 months!! Excited-peace!

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