Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stronger and Thinner...

 I'm down to's hard for me to get much thinner....I will try though!
I ran for 90 minutes today and covered 9.54 miles. That's a pretty good pace for me and I am pleased with my current reality.
  I will run an hour tomorrow-easy-then 45 minutes or so Friday-speed work-30 minutes Saturday, then the taper. I'm pretty pumped about the race on the 23rd. I feel like I'm in great shape, have a good mind-set, and just being able to run this type of mileage is a huge blessing considering the months and months of achilles trouble I've endured.
  I still do my heel raises every run, and use a foam roller every run! I've already been planning the next race!:)
   I have a recovery plan in place, then I start training for either a 25K or HM...undecided on particulars but the goal to drop more weight will begin.
Hope all is well with you!!! Peace!

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