Saturday, November 16, 2013


  I think a taper is beneficial but can be over-hyped. What I mean is I've tapered too much in the past only to come to the start line sluggish. There seems to be a fine line that has to be learned just like the pace you start a race can go out too fast and burn out, or you can go out too slow and mentally plunge into the waste land of self doubt.
  So the taper is a principle we each apply to our personal make-up. So my plan for this week; starting today, is to minimize miles and maintain tempo.
  I'll cut my time on feet by 60% until race day but I will train at HM pace. Then I will document how I felt, etc. My biggest challenge in this race is how fast I go out and what I really want to achieve. Just finishing is not a motivator because I know I can finish. I haven't set a time to reach....I'll think about it...I guess just being able to race again is the reward. Hope you are well! Peace!

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Johann said...

I think your taper plan is just right. I find that the longer the distance the more benefit taper gives. Being a little overweight and under fit is not bad in an ultra, but for a half it is very bad. All the best!


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