Saturday, November 23, 2013

What a day!!!

  So it was very cold, for me...probably between 20-30 degrees plus a strong north wind. A great day to run!! Really great venue and the race was run very well! I will be back! White River Marathon.
  I only set one goal-break for this HM- 2 hours. This I did with a 1:58.29 unofficial. Quite honestly I just didn't feel it eight miles my quads were done...very odd? I just pushed on through and came in with a respectable goal. I really enjoy running races and meeting all the folks. Some very amazing people! One fellow looked to be 80 yrs old and he was fit and flying! We all have our little idiosyncrasies don't we? One fellow was a foot slapper-this was kind of distracting but he was makin' tracks!
  Upon several occasions I tried to grab onto a pack and get up to pace but just didn't have it...However, I guess I was pretty strong on the last 3 miles because I passed several folks, many were worse off than me:)!
  I'm going to take a fortnight for recovery then I will begin training for the 25K coming up in Feb. Hope you are well! Feels good to finally race again! Peace!


Whitney Sutherland said...

Are you doing Run with the Wind 25k in Feb? I'm signed up for that will be my first race above ay half marathon! Great job on making your goal ay White River!

Mark said...

Yes I am, Whitney. It is a really good event. Hope to see you there!

Johann said...

Well done on achieving your goal! Wasn't a walk in the park but you still did it. Enjoy the rest!


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