Monday, November 25, 2013

The Reverse taper

  How does a person develop "good judgment"? Through bad judgment!! In the past I've come right back after a race and resumed full throttle training with minimal rest.
    Stupid! Recovery is just as important as a a matter of fact look at recovery as a reverse taper. Gradually resume training. Pick a new goal. Have a plan.
  I have a goal; Run With The Wind 25K in Feb. I have a plan-11 weeks-counts my two week reverse taper.
  I'm still sore from the race...I think I ought to be able to get to a 20 mile a week base by mid-December. I'm strictly going by how I feel! My driven nature will not drive me into injury! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!!

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Johann said...

For me it depends on what the next goal is. If it is a ultra or multi day event I might get in some training on tired legs. Other than that I try to recover some before training seriously again.


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