Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Momentary breakthrough

   Today the goal was 72 minutes of easy pace. I'm still in the base building and body thinning stage of my training for the fall marathon. I have been somewhat sluggish of late attributing it to the heat and humidity. Today it's only around 80 with a good about 34 minutes something happened! I didn't even realize it but my body had kicked in and I was getting near marathon pace! I just let it go and finished the 72 minutes very strong! This is encouraging. I guess I still have some speed and strength left....the constant hill climbing I know takes it's toll but that's what I have out here. I really can't minimize the hills because they are everywhere!!! Well I guess what doesn't kill you, or destroy your Achilles, makes you stronger!
  Next week I begin to tweak my schedule. I will continue to extend the time of the long run. I will also begin to add some pace runs, tempo, fartlek, repeats, etc. I will add 10% of time to that week and see how I feel. Hope all is well in your world!

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