Monday, July 11, 2016

Good News

       Well my Garmin 305 died last week. It served me well for over 7 years. I did a lot of research and have decided to use the Garmin 230. I think this watch ought to work great!
    So while I wait for the new watch to arrive I run watchless- I pretty much know the distance markers and can  accurately guess my pace so I did a 6 miler today. Man, I felt great! Getting out early makes a lot of difference in the Summer!
   My feet and legs feel fine-even after running 32 years I still am mindful of running form. We can get lazy, and sloppy in our form at times and this will often result in injury.
   So thinking about push-off, where my feet land (in line with hips) I find my body is more united in the running effort. Sadly we cannot stop the clock! Our bodies will slow and our strength will decrease, yet running is the only anti-dote that slows this process.
   Recently I've been aware of most other fellows my age-they are either dead, obese, or stricken with multiple maladies and on various medicines.
  If they'd only get out and move!! It could (would) change their life! Peace!

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