Saturday, December 31, 2016

Now onward!

     104 days of training culminated with a very successful race. I did an unofficial 2:05.39. 9:30's. I really am very pleased with this performance.
   The race was great. In regards to the organizers-great job! The volunteers were great. This race is 4 loops for the HM and 8 laps for the full. It really is fun! I enjoyed it.
   This made for one aid station that I walked each time taking Gatorade and water. The last loop I took a gu.
   Crowded start...felt too good and knew I would blow it so I restrained my desire to swerve through the masses and settled down for a 9:49 first mile. Thing began to spread out and I shifted up a little based on how I felt-9:20.9 mile. Mile three I reeled back in thinking I was going too fast-9:24.7. I went through the finish loop in and I'm still with a group holding on easily-9:05.6 mile. Believe me I was thinking I would burn out logging miles like this but I felt ok. Mile 5-9:33. I began to feel my quads filling up so I slowed intentionally. Mile 6-9:22.6. I was coming up to loop #2 and the crowds were motivating. The course was no longer crowded but quite stretched out...people everywhere. Mile 7-9:18.5. This was so encouraging! At this point I was able to begin reeling people in (also I was being passed by the elite runners) Mile 8-9:26.2. I went into my plan race pace for 5 min then ease back one min. Mile 9-9:27.5. It was here I really began working, suffering, racing. I passed bunches of "fun run" walkers....Mile 10-9:43.6. Some guy on the sidelines hollered my name and encouraged me...I didn't know him? Mile 11-9:41.1. You can see I'm slowing but I am working as hard as I can. Mile 12-9:42.7. I tried to catch the nearest person to help finish strong...Mile 13-9:45.9. Last (according to Garmin) .22-1:58.              2:05.39.
    Observations reflections- I ran a nearly perfect race for me. Can I break 2 hours ever again?  Lose a few more Lbs., add more speed work, besides that I think this time is about as good as it can get.
  Well I will recover and choose another race. Hope you are well! Happy New Year!!

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