Friday, December 30, 2016

Race Eve

          So, my second race this year is tomorrow! I ran an easy 2.9 miles today. One key for effective racing for older runners is to find the perfect balance of effort for the first one to two miles. Start too slow and you lose precious seconds, start too fast and you suck air and lose precious minutes!
  I rely on the adrenaline to propel me in the first mile but I also restrain myself by using the Garmin.
 I won't allow myself to run any faster than goal problem....setting very high goals.
   Today after two miles I felt really good! I wanted to go faster and farther. It was a good sign.
 So I will probably use 9:30's as a goal pace and go from there...I am using a 5/1 pattern but not run walk but race/LSD....follow me? If need be I will slow down for a minute but not walk...except at aid stations. So I'm rambling...I've worked hard for this race....Hope you are well! Peace!

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