Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wisdom does come.....

   Believe it or not a person can be wise! You've heard the old saying, "you can't fix stupid," right? Well if a person learns....practices what works....then wisdom is attained.
   What defeats wisdom is laziness! My Pop detested laziness and ingrained a work ethic into us kids. Even to this day we are all hard workers, achieving the American dream if you will.
  I have decided to race a 5K so I've been inputting my experience into a brief 6 week training segment. The base was already good I just needed to get the body used to moving faster. Now I see why I like the longer distances! The 5K, if raced, is taxing!
   I did a cool little speed Ladder today. 1-2-3- minute segments of faster than 5K with a min rest in between. Did three sets with a one minutes burst at the end.
  My body is tired and sore from the previous efforts so I will need to rest some this week. All I need is 8.6 more miles this week!!
           Hope you are well! Peace!

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